The main objective of CMVT is to satisfy all needs of professional training to GEOTECHMIN Group of companies and to other businesses and clients in the industrial sphere.


І. Training and Qualification Division has developed its activities in four major directions:

1. Vocational Training – offers courses for acquisition and upgrading of professional qualifications in the following areas:

  • ore mining
  • construction and geodesy
  • machine manufacturing, metal working and metallurgy
  • transport infrastructure
  • information and communication technologies
  • tourism
  • electrical engineering and energetics
  • business management and administration
  • chemical industry
  • social care


The Centre also organizes periodic refresher courses for upgrading workers’ competences to operate material handling equipment, lifting devices, gas facilities, etc. These refresher courses are performed in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

2. Training and Qualification seeks to establish a commitment to upgrading the knowledge and expertise of the employees within the Group. We offer training courses for:

  • acquiring key competences
  • development of leadership skills
  • teamwork
  • foreign language learning


The company is socially engaged in enhancing the employees’ career development and raising their adaptability to the changing environment.


CMVT also conducts vocational training courses according to the requirements of various government institutions.


3. Academic lectures and seminars - CMVT organizes and holds seminars, workshops and other initiatives related to exchange of experience. Our flexible cooperation with customers and partners allows us to conduct such courses all year round and in various locations convenient for all participants. The topics are tailored to the dynamics of the changing business environment.


4. Project management - CMVT has gained experience in project management under grant-aided schemes. The company intends to maintain its position in this sphere and to proceed with its work on fund management under the European Social Fund programmes.


All types of training - seminars, workshops and academic lectures – are conducted all year round for all customers.


II. Consulting and Business Development Division provides qualified consultancy services in the spheres of finance and human resources management for GEOTECHMIN Group of companies.


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