Centre for Management and Vocational Training EAD (CMVT EAD) conducts and attests vocational training for acquiring professional qualification levels and qualifications on part of a profession. It also organizes and certifies training courses for acquiring and upgrading full legal capacity for a profession in compliance with the Vocational Education and Training Act and pursuant to Licence No. 200512253 issued by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training.

The Centre has been successfully operating in the sphere of human resources management and financial and business consultancy services.

The company has been active in two major business divisions:

  • Training and qualification- vocational education and training, dual training, apprenticeship programmes, e-learning training courses, competency-based development, corporate training programs and seminars. The Centre works with a multidisciplinary team of university professorsand
  • Consultancy services and business development - provides qualified consultancy services in the spheres of finance and human resources management for the companies within GEOTECHMIN GROUP.
CMVT is continually striving to provide high-standard services and boost customer satisfaction.

ISO 9000:2008

Association of Licensed Vocational Training Centres
Industrial Cluster Srednogorie

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