Profession „Builder - Installer”, code 582040

1.1. Specialty „Reinforced concrete structures”, code 5820401, II professional qualification.

1.2. Specialty „Metal structures”, code 5820402, II professional qualification.

1.3. Specialty „Dry construction”, code 5820403, II professional qualification.

1.4. Specialty „Window framing and glass mounting”, code 5820404, II professional qualification.

1.5. Specialty „Construction insulations”, code 5820405, II professional qualification.

Documents upon the successful completion of a training

The courses for acquiring a professional qualification degree

Аre finalized by taking state qualification examinations based on a National Examination Programme for the respective profession and specialty, as follows:
Examination of the theoretical knowledge of the profession and the specialty;
Practical examination in the profession and the specialty.


Upon successful completion of a qualification course, trainees receive:
Professional qualification certificate (based on a template of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES)) for category II professional qualification.

The courses for acquiring competency in a part of a profession

Аre finalized by examinations, as follows:
Examination of the theoretical knowledge of the profession;
Practical examination in the profession;


Upon successful completion of the training course, trainees receive:
Vocational training certificate (based on a template of MES) of training in a part of a profession, for updating or expanding the professional qualification.